About Us!

 SD Academia is the school of design where we cater to all the age groups starting from 3 year old to age is no bar. It is one of the leading Art organisations and its one of the trending names in North India. We provide one day workshops and full fledged courses.

Presently we have two branches in chandigarh and panchkula respectively.

SD Academia is a world of creativity where you can artify yourself by giving wings to your passion. 


So here's my story :

SD Fine Arts started in 2011 is the parent company of SD Academia. So the journey started like that of any other engineering student who gradually realised his passion but my journey to choosing art as a full-time job was a tough decision. Having said that, if I look back I feel great about the fact that I chose what I thought was right and my vision of contributing to the art industry with my services is in process.

Me and Ridhima (Co- Founder) took a small cabin in 2016 in Panchkula with no plans and no idea how it works. But I think that small cabin was pretty lucky where we got our first project in Chandigarh from Hyatt Regency. Yaay...So the journey got wings.

SD Academia was started after serving artistic interiors to the high end brands of food Industries like Hyatt Regency Chandigarh, Ministry of Bar Exchange, The Brew Estate, Burgrill, Molecule(Chandigarh), The Nerdy Beans Jodhpur, The Jungle Lodge Resort(Kasauli) etc. and many Offices like Startup hub at Chitkara University, U-Trade Solutions(Mohali) and many more. 

Then when we got a professional touch in the art industry, I wanted to tell people that art is not just a passion. We can really make a living out of it and art is a therapy which heals a lot of stress and anxiety. 

So in January 2019 , we opened our first academy in Panchkula, that's where I had my first office. And within a span of 7 months , we opened another branch in sector 8, Chandigarh. The love we get from people is something that keeps me going and now we have started serving in different cities in India. Meeting new people and giving the happiness of art is a great feeling in itself. 

- SHARAD DABRA (Founder/ Artist) 

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So here's my story : 

My journey says that if we have the consistency then no one can stop us. I joined SD Fine arts in 2016. I have seen so many failures but honestly one WIN situation was the motivation that we used to have. 

Fighting with family is a part of the SD Fine Arts Journey because they always thought that this startup of art has no future. But today they are proud of me with the fact that I proved them wrong and yes ART is not just a passion, we can do wonders with it.

And we did not realise when we two became a team of 20 people in total.

People usually ask that if you are not an artist then what is your role ? 

My simple answer is that I polish the talent at SD fine Arts. 

SD Academia plays a role in which we see happiness everyday. I have received so many hugs and beautiful messages after the sessions and it added to my love for this work.

When we were kids, we were told that this has no future so its better to study. But now when we bring this art back in people's life, I think it is a mesmerising world of creativity. 

A journey of sky is still pending. 

 - RIDHIMA GARG (Co- Founder/ COO)