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Pink Flower Rakhi Set- DIY Kit

Pink Flower Rakhi Set- DIY Kit

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Contains the following:

-3D Five Flower Mould
-Royal Pink Opaque Pigment
-White Treasure Pearl Pigment
-2:1 Ultra Clear Resin- 300g
-4mm Golden Beads 10g
-6mm Golden Beads 10g
-1.5mm White Pearls 10g
-Metallic Gold Pearl Pigment 10gms
-Rani Pink Rakhi Bracelet (Set of 4)
-Beige Nylon Thread
-Om Metal Charm (5)
-Golden Jump rings (10)
-Toothpick (10)
-Glue 22g
-Disposable Cups (2)
-Ice-cream Sticks (5)
-Single Wet Wipes (2)
-Vati/Katori (2)
-Ganesha Miniature Golden
-Wavy Silicon Mould (5 inches)
-Gloves Pair
-Measuring Cup


Disclaimer: A blow torch will be required for this kit but is not included, kindly arrange.


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