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Breakfast Table kit ( DECEMBER SCHEDULE)

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Material Required:
*Wooden Table (24" ×12")
*Mould-it clay(1)
*Flat Brush (1inch)
*Round Brushes (No.000,2)
*Acrylic colors (set of 6shades)
*Opaque Pigments:
*Prussian Blue
*Ocean Blue
*Sky Blue
*Flake White
*Lamp Black
*Concentrated Inks:
1) Manganese Blue
2) Emerald Green
*Toothpicks (2)
*Sandpaper 100p(1)
*Pair of gloves (3)
*Ice-cream Sticks (15)
*Disposable Cups (15)
*Wet Wipes (5)
*Plastic Disposal Cup(2)
*Blow Torch
*Measuring Cup(1)
Note: Blow Dryer or Hot Air Gun Required