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Casting Resin and Hardener set 3:1 (1200 ml)

Casting Resin and Hardener set 3:1 (1200 ml)

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  • Measure : Pour the resin and hardener into a clean mixing cup in the ratio of 3 : 1


  • Mix: Stir well for at least 4 minutes in a dust free and non humid working space. Scrape the side and bottom to make sure that it is thoroughly mixed. Leave the mixture for 6 minutes to let the bubbles rise to the surface. You will get 60 minutes of pot life i.e. your working time after which it will start curing.


  • Cure : Our resin needs 4-5 hours in a dust free space for surface cure. You can do second layer after 6 hours. In 12 hours it will be dry to touch and within 24 hours , it will be 95% cure. It will be fully cured within 72 hours.
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