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Concrete Candle Holder Kit

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Material Required:


*Plastic bottle(1)

*Joined Glass Jars(1)

*White Cement(100g)

*Grey Cement(50g)

*Sand and Gravel(50g)

*Cutter (1)

*Mouldit clay (1)

*Vaseline (1)

*Sandpaper (60p)

*Transparent Crystals (100g)

*Pearl Powered Pigment:

1) Rustic Blue

2) Metallic Gold

*Plastic Disposable Cup(1)

*Disposable Cups (6)

*2 Pair of Gloves

*Wet Wipes (6)

*Ice-Cream Sticks (6)


NOTE: Please arrange a plastic bottle as it will not be send in the kit