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Lady Rose Candle- DIY Kit (10 Candles)

Lady Rose Candle- DIY Kit (10 Candles)

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This kit will yield 10 candles.

  • Soft Soy Wax 5000gms
  • Black Wax Pigment 100ml
  • Pink Wax Pigment 100ml
  • Green Wax Pigment 100ml
  • White Treasure Pearl Pigment
  • Blow Torch 
  • PVC Pipe- 4" Diameter; 9" Length x2
  • Fragrance 100ml
  • A4 Plastic Sheet Small roll
  • MDF Back Board 8x8 
  • Masking Tape 
  • Thread Wick 30cms
  • Disposable Cups x25
  • Ice-cream Sticks x25
  • Gloves x5 pair


      Kindly arrange an induction heater, and a pot or a vessel to melt the wax. 

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