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Mould-it-clay (50gms)

Mould-it-clay (50gms)

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Fevicryl Mouldit Clay: Easy to Use Air Dry Clay for Sculpting and Art Projects

Fevicryl Mouldit is a versatile air dry clay perfect for creating 3D art projects of all sizes, from delicate jewelry to large murals. Here's what makes it great:

  • Strong and Easy to Work With: Combines the moldability of clay with the strength of epoxy resin. It's non-sticky and pliable, making it easy to shape and handle.
  • Fast Setting Time: Dries in just 90 minutes, ideal for both beginners and experienced artists.
  • Multiple Applications: Create a wide variety of art pieces, from small figurines to large wall art.
  • Excellent Finish: Dries to a glossy finish and can be decorated with acrylic paints and other mediums.
  • Easy Cleanup: Non-sticky formula makes cleanup a breeze.
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